Students: Browse Companies

The fully updated list of companies is available in Engineering Careers, by 12twenty now through the conclusion of the event. Access the list for each day by logging in with your UM credentials at these links:

Companies attending Monday, September 12

Companies attending Tuesday, September 13

To search through the list of companies and filter for those in which you might be interested, click the "Employers" tab, select "Add Filter", then specify your academic year, major, location, and any other preferences. You can save a list of your favorite employers by clicking on the company name and selecting the heart icon on the next page, and this can be done for any number of companies.

Click below to access the preliminary company list, made available to the public, consisting of all employers who have signed up prior to August 1, 2022. Note that this list only contains the name of each company, and much more information is available at the links above in Engineering Careers, by 12twenty.