Employer FAQ

Registration and Payment

When do I need to register by?
We recommend you register as soon after registration opens as possible to ensure an available spot. Registration will officially close on August 30th, 2021, however, it may close early if we reach our limit of companies in attendance each day.
What is the advantage of registering soon after registration opens?
Registering early will allow you to choose the day on which you will attend. Each day has a limit for how many companies may attend, and registration for a particular day will close when that limit is reached.
What is the cancellation policy?
Full refunds will be issued for cancellations made by August 30, 2021. No refunds will be granted after August 30th.
How much does it cost to attend the fair?
Registration is $400, or $125 per day for applicable companies (Non-Profit & Government Organizations). For Profit Organization who register for 2 days will receive a $100 discount. Companies can register for a maximum of 2 days.

Approaching the Day of Career Fair

What time of day will the career fair be held?
The fair will be held from 9 AM - 9 PM on all 3 days. However, recruiters are not required to be available for the entire day.
What address should we use to ship our materials and booth to?
We are not accepting shipments of packages to campus.
How will interviews be handled during the career fair?
Please contact the Engineering Career Resource Center (ECRC) at eng-careerfair@umich.edu to discuss interview options. 

General Career Fair Questions

How many days is the career fair?
The career fair is three days long, but companies may attend a maximum of two days.
How many career fairs are offered per year?
There are two career fairs held for the entire College of Engineering, one in fall and one in winter. The career fair in the fall is sponsored by SWE and TBP, while the career fair in the winter is sponsored by the ECRC.
Is there a phone number I can call to speak to the organizers of the fair?
The best way to contact us is via email at eng-careerfair@umich.edu. If you need to talk to us, send us an email with a phone number and we will call you.
How many students do you expect to attend this event?
Approximately 6,000 University of Michigan students will attend the Fair. These will be both undergraduate and graduate students. A vast majority of them will be engineers, about 3,500 students. The fair is strictly for current University of Michigan students and U-M graduates from within the past year.
How do I register for an information session?
Information sessions can be organized through our sister organizations, the Society of Women Engineers and Tau Beta Pi. Please see the Society of Women Engineers Corporate Information Sessions' website or Tau Beta Pi's Corporate Relations Page