Shipping Information

If you choose to ship packages to and from the Career Fair, Rightaway Delivery will receive, store, deliver packages to campus and return ship your packages. Rightaway Delivery works with all delivery service companies. You can contact Rightaway Delivery directly at (877) 723-2996. 
Rightaway Delivery will receive and store packages for the Career Fair at their location. Packages will be delivered directly to your career fair table the day of the event.

Before the Fair

​Please note:
  • All packages must be clearly marked with your Company Name (matching your Career Fair Registration) & “2020 SWE/TBP Career Fair”
  • Packages should arrive to the Rightaway Delivery facility 3-5 days before the event. If packages arrive less 3 days before the fair, we cannot guarantee delivery by the start of the fair
  • Please include return shipping labels and package return instructions for your attending recruiters

Please do not ship before August 26, 2020.

Shipping address
Rightaway Delivery
Attn: Your Company Name (matching your Career Fair Registration), “2020 SWE/TBP Career Fair”
29120 Airport Drive
Romulus, MI 48174
Packages will not be accepted at any University of Michigan location including the ECRC, Duderstadt Center, Chrysler Center, Pierpont Commons or the Beyster Building.

After the Fair

Rightaway Delivery will pick up your package at the end of the fair in the closest Recruiter Lounge and ship it using your UPS, FedEx or other delivery service account. Please note that the cost of utilizing Rightaway Delivery service was included in your career fair registration fee. Normal shipping charges will still be billed to your UPS/FedEx/etc. account.
Please note:
  • If you choose to have your packages shipped out at the end of the event, recruiters must take prepared packages to the closest Recruiter Lounge no later than 4:45 pm
  • All packages must be taped, packed and labeled by company representatives
  • Packages require a UPS/FedEx/etc. label taped to the top of the box containing shipping address information and your delivery service account information
  • Packages collected by Rightaway Delivery after the fair will be shipped the following business day