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DSC04078 - Kevin Masel.jpg

Kevin is a senior studying Materials Science & Engineering, minoring in Music and Mathematics. His undergraduate research focuses on computational simulations of Lithium-ion Battery systems. Kevin is currently an External Vice President for the Michigan Gamma chapter of Tau Beta Pi, having previously served as the chapter’s Campus Outreach Officer. He also serves as an Undergraduate Representative for the Michigan Materials Society. In his limited free time, Kevin enjoys watching and playing various sports, cycling, disc golfing, and making music. 

ECC2C40F-86D0-487C-9624-B42F22582622 - Garima Shah.jpeg

Garima is a Senior from Bartlett, IL studying Computer Science. She serves as the Internal VP of the Michigan chapter of SWE and enjoys baking, traveling and reading. She is classically trained in Bharatanatyam and loves to dance. She also serves as the VP Standards of the Michigan Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma Rho. This summer she will be a software engineering intern at JP Morgan Chase in Chicago. 

headshot - Colin Davidson.JPG

Colin is a Chemical Engineering undergraduate student graduating in December 2023. As a member of Tau Beta Pi Michigan Gamma, he has served as the 2023 External Vice President and the Fall 2022 Activities Officer. He is also a project leader for the Cub Scouts Day event designed to inspire the next generation of engineers. Colin is now one of the 2023 Fall Engineering Career Fair Directors. 

Stacey_headshot (1) - Stacey Zeng.jpg

Stacey is a senior studying chemical engineering. She serves as one of the Community Relations officers in SWE. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading mystery novels, and watching tv shows. 


Profile_Picture_3 - Hunter Muench.jpg

Hunter is a senior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Math and Latin. He is the current Publicity Officer for Tau Beta Pi and the current President of Eta Kappa Nu. When Hunter is not working on his classes and these two student organizations, he is busy training for triathlons as a member of the UM Club Triathlon team. He also works each week as an IA for EECS 370 leading a lab section and holding office hours. His interests include Web Development and Computer Vision.

law headshot cropped - Alexander De La Iglesia.jpg

Alex is a junior studying Computer Science and Math. Alex has interests in machine learning, operating systems, and conducts research in Natural Language Processing. Alex is also an IA for EECS 445, and a member of Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu. Alex also enjoys competitive programming in his free time.




Riley is a senior studying Chemical Engineering. He was a 2022 Fall Engineering Career Fair Director and has represented the Michigan Gamma chapter of Tau Beta Pi as External Vice President in 2022, President in Winter 2023, and currently Advisor through the end of 2024. Riley enjoys teaching, having worked as an Instructional Aide for ChE 230 and ChE 341. He has led the famous egg drop module at Webelos Engineering Day, hosted by TBP, for the past three semesters.

CF_Headshot - Drew Boughton.jpg

Drew Boughton is a senior from Chelsea, MI majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in electrical engineering. He serves as the Service Coordinator at the Michigan Gamma Chapter of Tau Beta Pi and enjoys reading, crocheting, and folding modular origami. This summer, Drew worked as an engineering assistant at the University of Michigan's Space Physics Research Lab designing and implementing sounding rocket flight hardware and software that will study ionosphere conditions with an electron beam.

IMG_8379 2 (1) - Angelina Zhang.jpg

Angelina is a rising junior studying computer science. She's particularly interested in computer science theory, and the intersection of computer science with mathematics. Outside of class, she's involved in Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and Michigan Investment Group (MIG). In her free time, she enjoys creative writing, reading poems and fiction, and late night Fleetwood runs. 

Headshot - Allison Berkholz.jpeg

Allison Berkholz is a junior from Dexter, MI, studying chemical engineering. She serves as the student coordinator and alumni officer for SWE, and enjoys running, baking, and listening to music. This summer, Allison will be interning at Reckitt as a Process Engineer.



IMG_9244 - Evelyn Cho.JPG

Evelyn is a rising sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering with an International minor. She will serve as advocacy officer in strategic planning for the Michigan chapter of SWE and is involved in Project MESA and fertility research at the University. Evelyn enjoys playing cello, baking, and reading in her free time. 

IMG-6796 (1) - April Feng.JPG

April Feng is a sophomore from Houston, Texas studying computer science with a minor in music. She currently serves as one of the Team Tech Co-Director of the Michigan chapter of SWE, and enjoys reading transmigration novels in her free time. April is also involved with Michigan Hackers and V1.

Ibrahim_Haircut - Ibrahim Musaddequr Rahman.jpg
Musaddequr Rahman

Ibrahim is a Junior from Morgantown, WV studying Computer Science with a minor in Math. Over the summer, he researched Trust in Autonomous Vehicles in UM’s SURE program, while developing software as an intern at Fleet Labs. He has previously published on Swarm Robotics, imitating natural swarms with artificial agents. Outside of classes, Ibrahim enjoys spending time outdoors, doing STEM outreach with Tau Beta Pi, and playing on behalf of UM-Esports.

DE00FC5E-95AB-4877-A50E-997F0D3852BF - Advika Jhingran.jpeg

Advika is a 3rd year Computer Science student from Northern Virginia. She is the chapter development officer for Tau Beta Pi and enjoys reading and making jewelry. She is also involved with Quantitative Investment Society and Michigan Neuroprosthetics. 

IMG_1609 - Alexander Li.JPG

Alex is a junior majoring in mechanical engineering. He currently serves as Tau Beta Pi's Membership Officer and enjoys playing bridge, badminton, and Magic: The Gathering in his free time. Alex is also a Vibration Testing co-lead on MASA, UM's rocketry project team, and works part-time in the Art, Architecture, and Engineering Library on North Campus.



587BE050-64FB-485D-9B03-4D096CE00BB2 - Ansh Patel.jpeg

Ansh is a master’s student in Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering. His interests are in data analytics and operations research. Ansh is also president of Tau Beta Pi. In his free time, Ansh likes to cook, watch sports, and go on walks. 

career fair headshot - Daphne Agapiou.JPG

Daphne is a senior studying Electrical Engineering. She is a member of both TBP and SWE. Daphne looks forward to organizing the hospitality stations and is very excited to make sure you have a great experience at the career fair!

DSC039791 - Copy - Abigail Ahn.jpg

Abigail Ahn is a junior from Midland, MI majoring in materials science engineering. She serves as co-director of outreach for the Michigan chapter of SWE and is actively involved in Project MESA of MHEAL and Tau Beta Pi. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, cooking and exploring Ann Arbor. Over the summer, she was a research & development intern at General Mills in Minneapolis, MN. 

AmyChen - Amy Chen.JPG

Amy Chen is a rising Junior studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. She serves as the Public Relations Director and SEE Camp Officer for SWE. Outside of SWE, she is the VP for First Gen Engineers, Student Coordinator for Peer Mentor Program, and memeber of ChemE Car. In her free time, she likes to kayak and bake! Amy will be interning at Kellogg this summer as a Global Engineering Intern. 



headshot - Karen Jin.jpg

Karen Jin is a junior from Westford, MA majoring in biomedical engineering and minoring in computer science. She serves as the Vice President of the Michigan Gamma chapter of Tau Beta Pi and is involved in research through Michigan Medicine. She is also an instructional aide for ENGR 100 and enjoys dancing, listening to music, and reading in her free time. 

9B143E34-5169-4B12-9FB7-98157031AC12 - Mitra Mokhlesi.jpeg

Mitra is a senior studying computer science. She is currently the treasurer for Tau Beta Pi and an advisor and former president of Eta Kappa Nu. Her interests include accessibility and healthcare technology. 

Headshot (1) - Sonia Kore.jpg

Sonia Kore is a junior from Troy, MI, majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. She serves as the Corporate Alumni Relations Administrator of the Michigan chapter of SWE, and the External Social of the Michigan chapter of SASE. Sonia enjoys playing golf, dancing, and listening to music. She is also actively involved in the New Movement dance group and in PAWS, where she volunteers at nearby animal shelters.

tishaj_headshot - Tisha Jain.jpg

Tisha Jain is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Robotics. She serves as the GradSWE officer of the Michigan chapter of SWE and enjoys playing badminton and piano. She is also an Instructional Aid for ENGR 100 and a Programming Instructor for the EngineeringOnRamp program in the Office of Culture, Community and Equity in CoE. This summer, she will be working with the Stirling Lab to research the Effects of EMG Biofeedback on Upper Extremity Exoskeleton Usage.



Junior Headshot - Jacob Miller.jpg

Jacob is a Masters Student in Chemical Engineering through the SUGS program. Outside of classes he is the Graduate Student Vice President for Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society and was formally a long-time lead on the Michigan Baja Racing Team.

IMG_3836 2 - Samia Morshed.jpg

I am a first-year mechanical engineering student with a passion for designing and creating machines that improve people's lives. In addition to my studies, I am involved in engineering clubs and enjoy participating in diverse engagements. Outside of engineering, I enjoy painting, watching movies, and traveling. 

IMG-3007 - Miti Shah.jpg

Miti is a junior majoring in electrical engineering. She is currently in SWE and a research lab. She likes biking, watching movies, and playing board games. 

Headshot - Tony Zheng.jpg

Tony is a fourth-year chemical engineering student and is currently the Historian of Tau Beta Pi. Outside of academics, he likes to cook, exercise, and socialize with his friends. 



Chelsea_Sun - Chelsea Sun.JPEG

Chelsea is a junior from Katy, TX studying naval architecture and marine engineering with a minor in computer science. She is the current Marketing & Membership Director in SWE, and is also involved in Quarterdeck Society, UM::Autonomy, as well as Acoustics Research. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, baking, and painting.


Jack is a rising junior majoring in chemical engineering and minoring in chemistry and economics. He collects sneakers and builds legos in his free time.

2021_sr_portrait_orig - Vance Kreider.JPG

Vance is a junior from Northern VA, majoring in mechanical engineering and with minors in mathematics and music. He is the Campus Outreach Officer for the MI Gamma chapter of Tau Beta Pi, and is also a member of the UM Autonomous Robotic Vehicle project team. Vance is a dedicated trumpet player and performs regularly with SMTD ensembles; in his free time, he enjoys exploring new places, taking photos, and attending concerts on campus.

Photo on 1-27-23 at 8.45 PM - Mona Vakil.jpg

Mona is a rising sophomore from near Philadelphia studying Chemical Engineering. She is an Operations Chair for this year's Career Fair on behalf of SWE. She's also involved in the project team ChemE Car, Engineering Student Government, BOND consulting group at the Ross School of Business, and will be a Strategic Planning officer for SWE this upcoming year. Mona enjoys spending time with her younger brother and volunteering for random events around campus. 

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